Welcome Pennwriters Area 7s Wherever You Are!


Did you know that Pennwriters are now in nineteen states and Canada and that over fifty Area 7 members attended the recent Pennwriters Conference in Lancaster, PA?  I was delighted to meet quite a few of  you at the breakfast meeting where I shared my goal of creating this blog and invited you to consider forming an Area 7 chapter (more on that coming soon).

It’s  here that I’ll post announcements about the new Area 7 chapters as they form. And it’s here that I’ll post announcements about Pennwriter events and online classes.  Send me information about your book signings and pitch opportunities. Did you sell a story to Chicken Soup? Do have an article in a local newspaper?  Are you stuck and need a creativity boost? Tell me about it so I can share it here.

My blog set-up efforts are far from complete.  If you have suggestions or ideas for content let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you and I’ll rest a little easier tonight knowing  I’ve made real progress on at least one of  the many tasks on my to-do list.  Check back often to see how I’m doing  and to read any new posts.


One Response

  1. Greetings from Seattle, fellow Area 7 Pennwriters!

    Bobbi, thanks for setting up this blog – it looks great!!!

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