Welcome  to Pennwriters, Clara Bowman-Jahn!

Clara lives in Virginia so she’s also a member of the Blue Ridge Chapter of Pennwriters. She’s written a children’s book and is almost ready to start submitting it.  Let’s welcome Clara and wish her well on the road to publishing.

Another Virginia Pennwriter, Betsy Allen,  made her debut on Twitter today. There was a lot of talk about the importance of Tweeting at the conference so a number of us are trying it for the first time.  Stay tuned for more about Twitter and Tweeting as I learn as much as I can about how writers benefit from this particular form of networking. If you’ve been Tweeting for a while and have any advice for the novices, please contact me and I’ll share it here.

I heard from another Bobbi with an “i” yesterday. Bobbi Porter lives in Alaska. She called looking for information on how to renew her Pennwriters membership. I was happy to meet another “i” spelling Bobbi and to help her solve that minor dilemma.  

Don’t be surprised to find typos in my postings. I can spell but I can’t type. I never dreamed I could be a writer and computers didn’t exist when I was in school.  I saw no reason to learn secretarial skills.  I spent most of working life typing reports that drove my boss crazy. Good content. Lousy editing.  Not much has changed.   Until next time …


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