About Pennwriters Area 7

About Pennwriters Area 7

Pennwriters is a not-for-profit organization supporting adult writers at all levels.

Pennwriters Area 7 represents all the members who live outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At present there are members in 19 states and Canada. Area 7 is growing rapidly. Members interested in forming a local chapter of Area 7 are encouraged to contact Area 7 Representative, Bobbi Carducci, for details on how to organize and maintain a chapter.

This blog is a place for members to connect and share news and information about their writing and events throughout the Pennwriters organization.

Area 7 members include beginning writers and the multipublished. All are welcome and invited to share their successes, their challanges, and their goals as we work together to support one another and the organizaton.

 Copyright Information

All content on the Pennwriters Area 7 Connector blog is Copyright © 2008-2010 as published by each Contributor. All other content is Copyright © 2008-2010 Editor Bobbi Carducci unless otherwise noted.  Do not reproduce without permission.  To request permission to use material from this site, contact Bobbi Carducci

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 Content published on this site does not imply endorsement by Pennwriters, Inc.

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