Area 7 Representative

Area 7 Representative is Bobbi Carducci.

Bobbi is an award-winning short story writer, a former senior staff writer for a Washington, D.C. area newspaper and a professional book reviewer. Her monthly column, Buy the Book, appears in About Families Publications in print and online.  Bobbi’s children’s book, the first in the planned Story Writer series, is scheduled for publication in late 2010.

Bobbi is the Executive Director of the Young Voices Foundation.  The Young Voices Foundation is an educational nonprofit organization established to mentor young writers across the country. She is  the President of Community Voice Media, LLC , a small print publishing company located in Round Hill, Virginia.  Bobbi teaches creative writing to emerging writers of all ages in her local community.

A long time member of Pennwriters and Area 7, Bobbi believes that it’s the support and encouragement of the members that helped her meet her goal of becoming a published writer. She enjoys helping others do the same.


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